GoodLands is mobilizing the Catholic Church to use her land for good. We provide the information and tools to help the Church use her property wisely to enhance all her existing ministries and missions — to care for creation, to end homelessness, to welcome the stranger, to deliver programs and services to the right places and at the right times, and to support her own fiscal sustainability.


We transform the way property owners understand and use their land by revealing how it can be optimally employed for positive environmental and social impacts while helping meet their financial needs.

Planning properties in a way that is aligned with your values allows you to use your land assets to effectively meet your needs and increase financial sustainability while giving back to your community and the planet. With a deeper understanding of your property and an action plan for use, spaces and landscapes reach their full potential.

Map Making

We build custom maps products for communities, individuals and organizations. Maps are tools for representing plans and providing blueprints for action.  Maps are employed in areas ranging from intelligence, architecture and planning, environmental protection, and real estate, to scientific research and exploration.

Our maps can help you transform your digital directory into a high-quality reusable database format, understand your land, tell graphic stories for grant-making and media, or provide the tools you need to plan.

Data Systems

Our location platform, data portal, and enterprise GIS development services provide the design, project management, educational and outreach support to bridge the gap between technologists and the front-end users of cloud-based mapping systems.

These services make knowledge management simple for large groups of people — they enable the efficient and secure access, retrieval and dissemination of information, while providing an online platform for organizations to internally and externally share and manage their knowledge.