Molly finds a Catholic Foundation interested in supporting the establishment of a Vatican Cartography Institute with additional, necessary staff than those proposed. Molly returns to the Vatican to commence renegotiation of the Vatican Cartography Institute as a 6-12 month contracted project of GoodLands in which we help establish it, with our knowledge and data, and partner with a religious community to run it in perpetuity. The institute as proposed would:

  • Run meetings concerning definitions of terms with the Statistics Department and major Catholic stakeholders (including NGOs, university researchers, foundations, and religious communities working with relevant data)
  • Consult with the Secretary of State about data security and the Church
  • Bring together small working groups to develop guidelines for Catholic data usage and definitions
  • Establishing an authoritative boundary set of ecclesiastical jurisdictions and the systems for approval and maintenance of it

(Image taken during trip to Rome at Gregorian Pontifical University by Rebecca Pawloski)