The potential benefits of our enterprise GIS for Catholic NGOs, religious orders, ministries, and leadership are easily in the magnitude of billions – billions of dollars saved and billions of lives impacted for good by providing the tools and resources for Catholic organizations to make smarter decisions about resources, track their programs, understand data quality standards, and reduces collection redundancy by exchanging their dataamongst each-other.

  • Better decision making, monitoring and review
  • Create new ministry and program opportunities
  • Retain existing participants
  • Efficiency improvements that save money and time resources.
  • Effectiveness improvements – better targeting of investments, minimizing risks
  • More open data can help with job creation
  • Increasing transparency and deepening/expanding community engagement in Catholic church
  • Human capacity building
  • Equipping a Catholic communities and schools with a cutting edge platform for exploring technology, maps, faith and geography
  • Improved cooperation between different orders, organizations, and groupings in the Catholic Community
  • Data quality improvement cycle (accuracy, currency, more harmonised)
  • Making life and planning easier
  • Expanding what is possible

The case studies that we have looked at illustrate how an enterprise GIS can benefit organizations, the planet, and people while delivering high financial returns on investment.

Now try to imagine the impact of our enterprise GIS and Catholic Community Spatial Data Infrastructure when connected with the largest non-governmental network of landholdings, education, healthcare and organized religion in the world.

We have the partnerships, interest, and technical support in-line to make this a reality — the last piece of putting this into action is the financial support of $4.4 million for the next phases of SDI implementation.

A GIS Saves Stanford University Medical Center Millions in just Two Years

Benefiting an Entire Continent

Benefiting an Entire Ecosystem

Taking Polio Off the Map with GIS

King County ROI

Case Studies (coming soon)

Standing up a enterprise GIS for the global Catholic Community of health care, education, aid, and conservation is potentially the most realistic, feasible, already tried-and-tested, and socially scalable tool needed to efficiently and effectively address the impacts human-driven climate-change will likely have on hundreds of millions of people.

It’s worth it.