Join the ARISE Global Artists Network.

We are painters, sculpters, musicians, photographers, actors, filmmakers, architects, iconographers, poets, conceptual artists, and others, all raising our vision and our voices, our thoughts and words and gifts, to share an urgent message of love and care for God’s creation.

We are working to ensure that the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor are heard, felt, and witnessed by all, and to inspire people everywhere to act boldly in response to these most pressing issues of this century.

Nourished by the reflection of the holy in the created order, we hear the song of creation and sing our reply – to fill the earth with song, enfold it in love, celebrate its beauty and touch people’s hearts to inspire an ever deeper ecological conversation in us all, as every one of us is a critical partner in caring for God’s creation.

We invite all artists, amateur and professional, young and old, to join in our shared mission.

We also invite art teachers of all levels – elementary school through university level – to contact us regarding ways in which your students can participate in the ARISE movement.

Please contact us using this form to receive details and updates on the ARISE Global Artists Network:

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We look forward to creating a more beautiful world with you!