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Common Purpose:


Our common purpose as land managers and owners is to ensure that our properties help us meet our programmatic and financial goals while having the most positive impact on the environment and our communities that we can. We work with you to increase the value and positive impact of your land for the benefit of your community right now and generations to come.


Our work is grounded in science, driven by design, and inspired by Christian values of stewardship. We help ensure that caring for your home also means that you are caring for our common home.





Leaving a Legacy:


A landscape will be a legacy of the property owner's leadership. Whether or not leaders are equipped with the right information, insights, and tools to help them steward their land can determine the legacy that you leave for future generations in terms of economic viability, ecosystems health, and a social vibrancy. A well managed property has an enormous impact on the current value of land and future viability of a local ecosystem or community.


How we work with you...





GoodLands was founded on the understanding that land and property management has a moral dimension. Land is one of the highest leverage points that we have to transform to world into a better place. Land-use planning grounded in scientific analyses and connected to local needs allows us to make good, sustainable decisions about our built, managed, and natural environments that can have positive impacts for generations to come.


GoodLands provides planning information, insights and services to organizations and individuals. We equip our clients to lead in regenerative property solutions by providing a comprehensive understanding of land and its potential for good.



Regenerative property planning, map making, and data systems development services are the DNA of everything that we do.

Service-based initiatives


We run service-based initiatives with NPO and Catholic partners. These employ our map making, data systems, and planning services in creative ways.



With client approval, we use our research to explore the data and models we develop for initiatives and services. We currently do so through student projects at a handful of institutions, such as Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Redlands University, and Pennsylvania State University. We are actively seeking institutions interested in developing a long-term research program with us. By engaging with an academic community GoodLands increases the accountability and quality of its work and models.




GoodLands’ sales allows us and your community to sell inspiring and educational map products using the GIS data from our programs.


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