Addressing the current environmental crisis, Pope Francis calls upon humanity to “recover a serene harmony with creation.”


In his plea to the world addressing the current environmental crisis, Pope Francis calls upon all humanity to “recover a serene harmony with creation,” adding: “Let us sing as we go” (Laudato si’, 2015). These words have inspired a global movement of artists using their voices to make a bold statement about the future of our world.


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I arise today, through

The strength of heaven,

The light of the sun,

The radiance of the moon,

The splendor of fire,

The speed of lightning,

The swiftness of wind,

The depth of the sea,

The stability of the earth,

The firmness of rock.


      - Saint Patrick




ARISE is a global movement of artists raising up our vision and our voices, our thoughts and words and gifts, to share the beauty of God’s creation and cry for its deliverance from the darker impulses of humankind. We gather in a common mission to encounter the Eucharistic potential of creation, to offer God what we have been given and to be ourselves sanctified through what we have received. Nourished by the reflection of the holy in the created order, we hear the song of creation and sing our reply – to fill the earth with song, enfold in in love, to celebrate its beauty and to mourn its woundedness.


Our ultimate hope is to invite every voice on the planet, no matter how weak, poor, or overlooked, to join in a new Canticle of the Creatures, a global Praise be to You! down through the ages from St. Francis’s immortal hymn to the encyclical of Pope Francis which it inspired.


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